The best computer tech support.Proactive monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows Event Logs and applications is critical to security.


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IKO is always innovating to provide to its customer the products they need to perform well and keep in tune with the market, namely network management, online computer network support, programming, web design, automation, security and much more. At the same time as and due to the introduction of the VSA (virtual system administrator) on the market, IKO customers have seen their productivity increase beyond their expectations.

Proactive Management Today, on account of an important IT technological advance, IKO can help you save time and money. This new technological solution is called Proactive Management, and this is what IKO is offering you in order to find solutions to the common hardware and software management issues.

Our platform is an adaptable, flexible and effective solution than can meet the requirements and the needs of many businesses and organizations. This approach has revolutionized the IT world and is being used for the management of computer maintenance, prevention and IT problem solving services, and is proving to be the preferred and most innovative tool of the decade.

At IKO we know that to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to have access to a reliable and effective computer network that is available at all times. That is why IKO offers you flexible rates and various operational methods, as well as a maximum of functionalities and upgrading capabilities compatible with growth, whether it be for a small, medium or large business.

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