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The Technology Challenge Within Retail

The Complete IT Systems Management Solution for Retail Investing in a highly scalable pro-active IT asset management system will be vital for leveraging your existing IT equipment while preparing for the inclusion of new devices and solutions.

Leverage Your Retail IT Infrastructure In today’s retail landscape, the smart use of technology has become one of the most powerful ways to deliver stronger services to your customers and adapt to the changing way in which they buy.

The IT department’s role is critical and strategic in adapting to new trends while maintaining control of costs and delivering a robust environment to the business. It is essential that all the IT assets within your ecosystem, whether in-store or on your back end, are tracked, monitored and managed, in a seamless and frictionless manner. Count on us for excellent managed IT services Canada!


Keep Faculty Focused on the Classroom

In an educational institution, you’re aware of the need to balance an open and independent learning environment and protecting school from internal and external threats. You also understand the distributed nature of environment (the classic campus environment) and the varying users (students, researchers, faculty).

We provide an elegant tool to handle these challenges by offering remote management of distributed systems, complete management functionality from a single pane of glass, desktop policy management and automation.

Nothing stops learning like waiting for IT to come by and fix a problem. With our solution, your faculty can focus on the classroom – not IT management. Our solution can identify and solve IT issues before faculty or students are even aware of the issue.


Simplify Regulatory and Security Compliance

Efficiency and accuracy – these have always been essential to healthcare IT. However, with growing HIPAA regulations, an increased focus on patient-centric services, and the specter of cyber-security breaches, the pressures have never been higher.

Compliance and security issues such as HIPAA keep IT professionals at healthcare organizations up at night. VSA transforms compliance and data-protection efforts from complicated and time-consuming to simple and automatic.


The Complete IT Systems Management Solution for Financial institutions

Financial Institutions want to use technology to work smarter, better and faster – all the while dealing with pressure for enhanced regulatory and security policies. Automated IT systems management is helping to achieve those goals in a seamless, efficient manner.

Maximize IT staff’s time, productivity, and valuable resources

Manage all of your systems from a location

Significantly minimize system downtime and operational expenses

Centralized executive reporting and documentation for effortless audits

Technology designed exclusively for institutions with a core focus on regulatory compliance


Federal Information Processing Standard

Our solution has achieved third party certification of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliance. The FIPS standard was developed by the United States federal government for use in all non-military government agencies and contractors. Many FIPS pronouncements are modified versions of standards used in the technical communities, such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

By automating key IT tasks, developing solid delivery processes and implementing best practices, Government IT Professionals can experience cost reduction, decreased downtime, improved value and the power and control to strategically align IT objectives with the local government’s business goals.


Improve Productivity and IT Services Quality

Whether for a hotel, restaurant, or entertainment company, IT services plays a vital role in customer service and loyalty. With increased self-service in a digital landscape, your IT challenges are only growing in complexity. Our solution enables you to balance the economics of IT service and the cost of maintaining excellent customer experience.

With our consolidated, centralized control console, our solution gives us full visibility into your entire distributed IT systems - including hybrid cloud and virtual and virtualized infrastructure. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority and, with our solution, we can identify and solve IT issues before your computers are impacted.