How to prevent your PC from lagging.

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Well, computers slow down for many reasons. And slow computers make people call computer tech support companies. Everyone gets frustrated when their computer is not running at a fair speed.

Let’s have a glance at a few reasons that make your PC run slow.

  • Reason #1: Your PC was running for over 9 hours without a reboot
  • Reason #2: Lack of enough hard drive space
  • Reason #3: Hard drive corrupted or fragmented
  • Reason #4: Lots of background programs running on your PC. It can lower the overall performance of your system
  • Reason #5: Your computer system is infected with a virus
  • Reason #6: Your PC is overheating
  • Reason #7: Your computer system needs a memory upgrade

Here are a few steps you can consider to keep your PC running at Optimal Speed:

Restart your PC at least once in a day: Restarting your system ensures that the latest updates have been applied and gives it a fresh start.

Don’t run multiple security programs on your PC in one go: Running multiple security programs on your PC can make it too slow to run. So, it is advisable to use a single comprehensive program.

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Remove browser plugins and extensions that you don’t use: Disable plugins and extensions that are not in use as they can slow down your browser. Call a professional computer tech support company to boost the performance of your computer system!

Delete temporary files: It is important to free up space on your hard drive. You must have at least 200-500MB of free space on your hard drive to make your computer system run properly. You can delete temporary and unwanted files to make your PC run smoothly.

Run Windows updates regularly: It is important to run window updates regularly to keep your computer system running at peak performance. If you find any difficulty doing so, you must seek for assistance.

Update software programs regularly: Allowing software programs at regular intervals ensures that you’re running the latest version of the software.

Defragment your hard drive regularly: Fragmentation of hard drive can slow down your PC. It is advisable to defragment your hard drive at regular intervals to boost the speed of your computer system.

Above tips will help you to speed up your slow computer/laptop. If you want your system to be evaluated by a tech, you can seek professional